Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Like My Cancer Rare with a Side of Strides

Today I participated in my first breast cancer walk ever at the Making Strides 10th anniversary. It was bittersweet, to celebrate my life when so many others have died. I had a chat with a phyllodes friend about survivor's guilt and she expressed the same issue from time to time. She made it clear that those who are gone would kick my ass for feeling guilty about being alive and that my job is to share my gift through my story and spread awareness. So this is what I will do. How wild to be 1 month clear just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. As I said before, everything seems to fall right into place so I will continue to go with the flow!

My third day back to work I threw my back out, BEFORE the start of my shift! I wasn't lifting anything or doing any strenuous activity. My back just froze. I got on the phone to our dispatch center to let them know I wasn't able to go in service for the day and I just balled. I was so frustrated! I just wanted to work and get back to normalcy! The dispatcher got off the phone with me and immediately ran downstairs to see me. By then I mellowed out and felt stupid for losing control for a minute, but everyone was very understanding. I've been on light duty for about a week now and dispatch has threatened to pull the tapes of me crying on the phone because everyone knows I'm way too tough to shed any tears! They own me now! Hahahaha!

I celebrated the VERY first day of awareness month with a visit to my doctor. I kept getting these insane tearing/ripping pains just below my surgical breast on down to my ribs. Sometimes for no reason but usually with movement these horrible pains would strike. The other day I attempted to pull my shirt over my head and HOLY SMOKES!! Out of reaction I grabbed my breast and rib area and felt the craziest things. If you were to run your finger from the middle of my chest just below my breast and out towards my armpit, it would feel like you were strumming a guitar. Underneath my skin were these very thick, hard, ropey strands that ran up and down my ribs. Some even extended as far as down to my waist. Freaked me out. My doctor felt these strings, smiled, and said to me "Boy it's always a pleasure to see you!"

We can add more rareness to my order. Blood clots typically occur in the brain (stroke), the heart (myocardial infarction/heart attack), or the legs (DVT - deep vein thrombosis). Not me. I get what's called "Mondor's Disease." Mondor's Disease is a blood clot(s) in the breast and occurs in only 10% of all breast patients. It's super rare and pretty much no one is slick enough to pull off this kind of clot! All I can do is laugh!! Just when you think it's smooth sailing for a bit, something funky happens! I will totally be ok though. I'm on anti-inflammatories for a couple of weeks then another follow-up with my doctor. Hopefully that will do the trick and if not we will go from there! Day by day!

I continue to get such crazy, random support from everyone in my life. I was given a pink stuffed monkey the other day. A firefighter friend sent me a pic of a bottle of water he bought because it had a breast cancer ribbon on it. A nurse friend purchased a breast cancer thermos for me, proceeds going to breast cancer research. Someone told me they signed up for something called "Workout for the Cure" at Gold's Gym in which he paid more money for his membership because proceeds went to breast cancer research. Another paramedic shaved his head in my honor and expressed to me that he is forcing his mother and mother-in-law to schedule their very first mammograms. I've received so many emails from women telling me I've motivated them to get their very first mammograms as well. I've received a ring, a bracelet, t-shirts, stickers - all proceeds going to breast cancer research. Because of my "enthusiasm," Feel Your Boobies (a non-profit breast cancer awareness organization) sent me a huge stack of awareness cards to hand out. The list goes on. So many people have already been affected by my voice and I'm so excited to continue this campaign.

I was officially cleared of any cancer cells on August 31st, threw my back out on September 23rd, got a blood clot in my breast on October 1st, and participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 3rd with a humongous smile on my face! I encourage any more obstacles that may come my way, because I don't lose! Haha! Life is the best it's ever been and nothing can shake the world that I'm in! I will cherish my first breast cancer awareness month and all the other firsts that come along with this mission. Watch out for me everyone, I'm pretty rare!

Look out for Team Trish d'Lish in May at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! I'm in the process of getting a sponsor and getting as many people on the team as possible! EVERYONE is encouraged to join us and help make an impact like none other! If ANYONE is interested feel free to email me. We've got plenty of time, but we're shooting big! Squeeze a boob, save a life...I promise it works. or friend request me on Facebook

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